We can hardly wait for June!

June 22nd is our closing date and we are very excited for this day to arrive. We are making plans for our Journey down to close and what we want to do while we are there.

So far I have been drawing  plans for where I think the main driveway and the ranch road should be located. We are planning on changing where the main driveway goes because we want to locate our screen porch,deck,patio and the grand kids playground there. Right now that is where everyone is parking. So that is one of our first projects after we move down.  While we are there for closing we will be measuring and staking these areas so we won’t forget what and where they are also any trees we are going to have to cut down to make our dreams a reality. Sometimes to get what we want we have to cut a few trees and that is okay with us. We have need of pastures, gardens, berry patches, an orchard and a nut grove to name a few things we want to add. Not to forget 2 pull through RV sites. So yes there is a lot to plan for and look forward to. We know it will take time to do all of this as well as turn one of sheds into a tiny visitor cabin and we are ready for the challenge. 

As far as getting Mom’s house ready to put on the market that project is moving right along and we are all working towards that goal. The house looks wonderful and everyone has done a great job on it. Just a few more projects to go. Thanks to Rebecca my hairdresser, I now have a donation place that will take Mom’s stuff so the first load heads out tomorrow. I am very grateful for this. I didn’t want to just pitch all her clothes if someone else could use them.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us such encouraging messages and to those who have listened to me moan and groan through this whole process. We appreciate each and everyone of you and your thoughtfulness.

Well it’s time for me to get moving again as I do have to decide what to cook for dinner and I haven’t a clue what I am going to fix. Oh well I’ll think of something.

Stay Safe and Sane through these crazy times.


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