Seasons Of Change!


Happy Mother’s Day!

Spring is a Season of change and I am hoping that soon we will be Journeying On into the New Normal for our World. That new Normal seems to be a lot of mask wearing (I may have to make me a few to go with each of my outfits) lots of hand sanitizer and social distancing no matter where you go.

So what does that mean for We’ve Gone Camping?

Our original plan was to purchase a Home Base after being on the road a few years. It would be a place to park the Kodiak and relax for extended periods of time and that made a lot of sense to us at the time. Then we visited Mom in August of 2019 and realized that we were needed in Missouri. So we canceled our 2020 plans and prepared to move North, little did we know that we would be called home sooner. When we got the call Norm canceled the rest of our 2019 plans and we moved to Missouri where we have been Mooch Docking behind Mom’s house since December 2019. After 20 plus years we saw Snow and Ice and believe me Lily was so not impressed. We provided 24 hour care for Mom and my Brother relieved me on weekends so I was able to get a little rest. Our youngest son joined us in February and he’s been a big help since he got here. Then in March, a month before her 98th birthday, Mom was called home. I bet she was a dancing all the way through those Pearly Gates.

All of these changes in our lives and that does include the Covid 19 crisis had us talking about maybe we needed a Home Base now rather than later. So we decided that we wanted our Home Base in Northern Florida and Norm started looking for property there. We decided we wanted a Small Hobby Ranch and Norm was able to find a few for us to look at. Rebecca our realtor is amazing and we did enjoy working with her to find the perfect Ranch for us. We Journeyed to Florida this past week to view some properties. Now we all know the Lord works in mysterious ways and he was sure doing that this past Wednesday. The main property we went to see has some issues and do to other property viewing mishaps that morning Rebecca added a new property to our viewing list. Now until then she had not even considered this property but at the last minute she added it in. Long story short it’s the very property we put an offer on. Not even an hour later it was accepted and if everything goes smoothly we will close on June 22nd or before. So what does this mean for We’ve Gone Camping well it means we have a place to park our Kodiak for long periods if we need or want to. It means we will still be traveling but our trips maybe once a year where we will go out for a month or two or three depending on where we decide to Journey to Adventure and of course local camping and even Adventures in just the F350. So there is still a lot of Camping and Journeying in our Future. As for the Ranch well…

We’ve named it The Last Hoorah Ranch. She’s a 6.23 acre Ranch in Northern Florida and we do plan to put in a couple of pull through sites (our Kodiak deserves a home and for friends too) and a couple of cabins for friends and family to come and visit. Details will be coming a long in the future. We are also planning to have a couple of horses as Norm has always wanted them. Then we may add chickens and other fowl to the ranch and the crew are talking about fainting goats. Not sure about that. Though Lily might enjoy watching them fall over every time she barked. So lots of plans going on and yes there is a double wide mobile home that we will be moving into. They don’t allow you to live in RV’s there though you can use them for short stays. So now we are back in Missouri working to get Mom’s house done and on the market so we can Journey On into our next Adventure.

I hope everyone is doing well with this New Normal way of life we are living.

Stay Safe!





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  1. Congratulations to you! So glad everything is working out for you.

    Dave and Carol Miller

    On Sun, May 10, 2020 at 11:40 AM We’ve Gone Camping wrote:

    > Phyllis posted: ” Happy Mother’s Day! Spring is a Season of change and I > am hoping that soon we will be Journeying On into the New Normal for our > World. That new Normal seems to be a lot of mask wearing (I may have to > make me a few to go with each of my outfits) lots of” >


  2. Congratulations! A hobby farm sounds awesome! We have backyard chickens and they’re so fun!


    • Thank-you. We are looking forward to having a Hobby Ranch and Norm is wanting horses but there are some who seem to think we need Fainting Goats! We will see about that. Chickens and other barnyard animals will come much later we think. N.&P.


    • Thank you. We are looking forward to our home base and maybe some time in the future we will have chickens. What breeds do you have?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have mostly Silkies, which are pretty but not good layers, lol. It’s either feast or famine with them. They’re friendly, though 😊 I have one little game hen that flew into our yard and stayed.


  3. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing photos of your new home base. Hope you three are able to get out and enjoy more traveling adventures soon, too.


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