Important Papers!



Important papers that has a different meaning to each of us.

To our Mother her important papers were anything she received in the mail. We went through bags and bags of these important papers. Now in these we also found what were actually Important Papers that we needed and we even found some money she had accidentally filed with them. But overall it was just bags and bags of mail. We can laugh about it now but then it was very frustrating as we were looking for her really important papers like her life insurance polices, her Will and so on. Thank heavens her Will was in her Safety Deposit Box. We did find all of this but we found so many other things too.  We wished then that we had sat down with her and went through all of these bags several years ago so we would have known just what and where were her important papers and documents were.

If you can and your parents are willing sit down with them and discuss things like their Will, Life Insurance policies and any Burial Polices they may have. Also if they have CD’s do they have a family members name on them as it will make it easier to get the bank to honor this. That’s where we are now. Sigh!

Also talk with your parents about what there favorite color is, what kind of flowers they like and anything else that will make it easier to deal with their funeral arrangements for you. Both of our parents had told us what they wanted and where they wanted to be buried and that made making these arrangements a lot less stressful for my brother and I. We understand, this is not a conversation you may want to have with your parents but in the end it will insure that you have carried out their last wishes to the best of your ability and that brings with it a sense of Peace.

We are moving forward. Mom’s Gravestone has been ordered and that should be done soon and placed on her grave. We are very pleased with the proof we saw of it and excited to see the finished stone. We chose black granite and it is beautiful.

We have been Blessed with a lot of help from Yarber Mortuary. A Thank You to all the wonderful caring people who work there.

The house is coming along nicely and has been a big challenge for Norm. He’s done an amazing job on it and so have my brother and our son. Having handy men in the family is a Blessing for sure.

We hope all of you are coping well with this self distancing.

A Happy Rainy Sunday.


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