It’s Clean!

It's Clean

Good Morning! Hope this finds you well.

Well I couldn’t stand it anymore and I cleaned out Mom’s fridge. She hasn’t been able to do it and my brother didn’t have time when he came down. He was taking care of Mom and all the other stuff too. So I set myself to the job and within an hour it was done. Yes I did find several science projects in there and they went in the trash quite quickly.  I am so glad I did this because now I know where everything is!!!!! No more hunting for it while Mom tries to tell me where it should be. Then to find out someone has moved it or gotten rid of it and she is now frustrated with me because I can’t find it. That was a day!

Hope your Christmas/Holiday preparations are going well. Just thinking how different this year’s is from last year and how long it’s been since my brother and I have been home for Christmas together. He is going to be here Christmas and that will be a gift for Mom to have us both here on that day.

Well I must get moving as the laundry will not do itself. Boy do I wish it did.

Hope everyone has a Happy Day filled with the Joys of the Season.


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