A Snowy Morning!

A Snowy Morning

Good Morning! This is something I have only seen in pictures and on cards since the Winter of 1998 but here it is Snow and Ice! It looks pretty but as we all know Looks can be Deceiving!!!!! It’s bloody cold and wet and slick. Lily doesn’t like it one bit and she lets Norm know that for sure. She just gives him the look of doom.

Norm is my Knight in shining armor. He brings me coffee in our thermos first thing in the morning and then later on he brings me some more. Mom looks forward to his coffee. It has become a morning ritual of Norm’s coffee and a gossip session. I’m Making Memories to hold on to later when she is called home. She’s ready she tells us but she has to wait for him to call her home. She keeps saying it’s in his time not mine. True words.

She’s had a few really rough days and nights but I do have her convinced that I have to sleep at night and she is willing to stay in bed now.  That took a little bit to convince her of that but me having a sinus infection helped a lot. Once a Mom always a Mom!

Well I need to get moving as there are a couple of things I need to do while Mom is napping.

Hope everyone has a Lovely Day filled with love and Happiness.


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