Time To Go!

Time To Go

Good morning!

I was just looking through my pictures of our trip to Missouri and I found several early morning ones. When you don’t have a sewer on site this is the first stop before you exit the park, The Dump Station!!!! Not the most amazing place to take pictures but a necessary stop for sure. So we finished at the dump station and then we dropped off our tag at the entrance and headed on our way.  It seems so far away now but really it’s only been a week and a day. Yes I know I  am keeping track of the small things to keep me on track for the big things. Silly I know but each day here I don’t know what the day will bring and some days are easy and some are not and planning anything is difficult to do. As you know we are planners and this non-planning way of life is very difficult for the two of us. Things have been happening here beyond our control too.

1st the water line froze so we are filling our on board tank and using that. The electric wasn’t enough to keep everything on with out throwing a house circuit.

2nd Norm made several trips of a hour and a half (one way) to pick up things he needed for the electric to find he can’t use them unless he does some major stuff here at the house. I don’t know the whole of it when he starts telling me my eyes glaze over and that’s it for me.

3rd We’ve had to replace our two electric heaters. One quit and the other is on it’s last leg.

4th We are now in the process of replacing our microwave as it’s toast too. What’s that old sayin’ when it rains it pours. I guess that is true.

5th He still has to figure out about picking up his game he pre-ordered.

6th I came down with a sinus infection and that is not making me happy.

7th And the last thing last night while snacking on a Cough Drop a piece of my tooth fell out. Yep that just made my day/night.

Hey So Far So Good!

Hope everyone has a day filled with the warmth of the Holiday Season.


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