My Morning View!

My Morning View

Good Morning! Hope everyone is staying warm/cold depending on your weather. Today we started with some freezing rain that turned to sleet. It made Lily’s morning walk a challenge for her as she hates to get any part of her body WET or COLD! She did her duty and is back in the Kodiak.

Awe the Kodiak so close yet so far away! This is the view out my Mom’s kitchen window, My Home! She’s never had sleet or ice on her before and she probably isn’t happy with me right now. I am sure the Ford and the Kodiak are dreaming of sunny skies, warm weather and the beaches of Florida not Ice and Snow!

We have new phones and a new service that works where we are staying. AT&T is what we had to go with and it had a few bugs  so Norm did that yesterday.

Well I have a Sinus Infection AGAIN! Only this time I have mostly lost my voice. That makes it fun trying to get Mom to hear me when I sound like a sad Mickey Mouse!  I need my voice and the coughing to stop. Then I would be good to go.

Mom is about the same. Some days are better than others so I am storing up a lot of memories for the future.

Well I need to get moving I promised myself I would clean the fridge out today. That maybe a very long job as I am not doing the best this morning.

Norm did take her trash can to the street. That is a main priority for her and I will tell her it is done so she can rest easy.

Hope everyone has a day filled with Love and Hope.


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