Good Morning! Hope you are well.

I haven’t looked outside yet to see what the weather is. Not sure I want to either. We are hoping to go to Poplar Bluff and check out the phone and internet options for us. Just posting, getting e-mails, texts or phone calls is a bloody chore if not impossible. So we need to get this resolved and quickly.

Yesterday I cleaned our Kodiak as my brother came home and I had a few hours I could do that. I was able to do a little Christmas decorating in there too. Happy Me!

It’s hard to cook in someone else’s kitchen. I don’t know where anything is and they don’t use the utensils I use so I brought mine in from the Kodiak. Also I have my containers with my appliances in them sitting in the Living Room floor so I have my crock pots and electric skillet and so on. I do like to cook but I always seem to need what is out in the Kodiak and Norm is gone or busy and I can’t leave Mom to go and get it. I will get this figured out sooner than later at least I hope so for my sanity.

Hope everyone is having a Super Monday filled with Joy.




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