Good Morning!

Hope everyone is doing well.

One of the hardest things for me on the trip to here was crossing over not one bridge but three of them. Bridges scare me and I readily admit that. At least we didn’t go over the real small older bridge. Instead we go over the one in Cairo, Il.  Yeah!!!!!

Today I am hoping to get the laundry done and that is no easy task for me. Here I can use the washer and dryer and that is a good thing for sure. Not sure just how many loads I will have to do. We will see.

I haven’t decorated at all in the Kodiak and that is so unlike me but being here with Mom I haven’t been able to and she is more important than decorations. Someone has to be in the house all the time as she can’t do anything for herself any more. It saddens me to see her like this. Thanks to all of you for being so kind and considerate. Norm and I gratefully appreciate it.

Well I need to get going I’m not sure how long I have to get this laundry started.

Hope everyone has a Peaceful Friday filled with Hope and Joy.


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