What Are These?

What Are These

Good morning!  Hope this finds you doing well.

Sunday we were driving along in Missouri and we noticed these bails wrapped up and sitting in the fields by the highway. At first you think they are hay as we see a lot of that in our travels but then you notice how white the inside of the wrap is and that’s when you figure out you are looking at baled cotton.  We have seen a lot of cotton fields this year in several states but after awhile you don’t think to much about it. However when you see it bailed it starts making you wonder just how did they get it that way and how much is each bale worth. Yes I know Nosy right? That conversation went on for a few miles. J

Well our Lily was not a good traveler this trip. She was very unhappy all the way to Georgia on Saturday and on Sunday she spent most of the trip on my lap. We don’t know why maybe it was the roads or she felt our stress and just reacted to it. Atlanta, Marietta and Macon Georgia were a pain as far as the traffic was concerned and some jerk drivers but we survived it. Nashville on the other hand was pretty simple and not  much traffic and we went through there pretty quickly. Perhaps it was because it was a Sunday and early in the morning that helped so much. I did say some prayers for this one truck driver who seemed to need the whole road to drive his rig on. I hope he made it safely to his destination. We did survive it and Lily riding in the front seat on my lap had a lot of treats as we ate breakfast and lunch while we Journeyed on down the road. I can say that this has been and is being an Adventure we will never forget.

Well I need to get moving on with my day.

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday filled with Love and Laughter.


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