We Made It!!!

We Made It

Good Morning! Hope this finds everyone doing well.

Yes we are now in Missouri!!! We are parked at my Mother’s House and that was quite an Adventure getting the Kodiak into the back yard. A big thank-you to my brother for all the help in getting us there. We still need to do some fine tuning on the level part of the trailer but Norm will try and get that done today and start the water and electric. We are really thinking (planning) on getting a composting toilet. So that is another thing in the works too.

To us it’s cold here and soon it will be colder. I am not sure about this weather as it’s been 20 plus years since I’ve had to endure a Missouri Winter!!!!! Norm is going to do some insulating of the undercarriage of the Kodiak to help keep us warm and toasty. I will be in taking care of Mom. Over the past week Mom is now unable to stand by herself or walk at all. She is now in a wheel chair and she has lost a lot of weight too. She told me yesterday that she is ready to go home. Then she ask me where we are going next. I told her we are here with you until the Lord calls you home and she said I know but where are you going after that so I told her our plan is to Journey On to Oregon and that made her smile and then she was okay that we are here.

It’s hard to believe that our 2nd oldest granddaughter turns 21 today. Where have the years gone. I remember her snuggled on our couch with my Mom while she read her Christmas stories. Mom use to fly down for Christmas each year and we had such a fun time while she was there. I use to catch all of them eating the filling for my Pumpkin Roll when my back was turned and giggling together about it. Ah the memories how they linger. J

Well I need to get moving and check in with My Brother and see what is planned for today. Maybe I will get some of this stuff put away today. We will see.

Hope everyone has a splendid Tuesday filled with lots of Warmth and Good Cheer.


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