Our Last Campfire In Florida!


Good morning!

Yes we are ready to head out on the first part of our Missouri Journey. We are somewhat sad to leave Florida. A lot of that has to do with it being the Christmas Season and not being able to see our Children and Grandchildren open their presents at the Campfire Christmas we had planned. That is so much fun with everyone around the campfire laughing, talking, eating, drinking Wassail, and just having fun being together. Thank heavens we have our memories of last Christmas to make us smile. We will be back to do this again in the Future. So this year our Christmas will be a lot different and probably cold and maybe even Snowy not sure I’m ready for that. Yikes!!!

So we had our campfire on Thursday night after we went to Johnnies for dinner. We had a wonderful time at the campfire and even did some video work. It was a very pleasant evening and the Hot Cocoa was good too. The food at Johnnies was delicious and for the first time in FOREVER I forgot to take my medicines that morning and my Acid Reflex decided to harass me all night long. I don’t ever plan to forget my medicines again!!!!!!

Well folks I need to get moving so we can Journey On to our next Adventure of going through Atlanta, Georgia!

Hope everyone has a Special Saturday filled with the Joy of the Season.



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