Santa’s Delivery Day!


Good Morning!

Hope all is well with you.

Today we are playing Santa and delivering our presents. Because we are camping so far away from our family we are looking at a 2 to 2 1/2 hour drive just to see two of the kids and about 45 minutes from there to see the rest. Since a lot of them work or have kids in school we are just dropping off the gifts and they can decide if they want to open the presents now or on Christmas Day. Of course this Mr. and Mrs. Clause used the gift bag technique of wrapping. So much easier to do. Oh Happy Day when they started mass producing colorful gift bags!

After we get back to camp it is the Packing part of our day. We will move the freezer to the rear of the truck and we plan to hitch the Ford and Kodiak today to save us time in the morning. Our goal is to leave around 7 am and eat breakfast as we travel. I will be packing lunches as well as breakfast and snacks and drinks for our trip tomorrow as we will be on the road for 8 plus hours. A very long day on I 75 and our greatest stress will be going through Atlanta, Ga. 🙂

Just heard the Hawk outside guess he or she wants us to know they are here. Well I need to get a move on or I will not be ready to go when the time comes today.

Hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday filled with lots of Good Cheer.


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