Santa’s Workshop Is Closed For The Season!


Santa’s Workshop is open for one more day. Then it will be closed till December 2020! Santa and the Mrs. need a vacation but instead of heading off to a warmer climate they will be heading to Missouri for a long visit with Mrs. Claus’s Mother. Hope all of you elves out there have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

Good Morning!

As I sit here with my coffee cup in hand and a Lily on my lap I spy my box of Christmas cards. Have you ever had this urge to send a lot of Christmas Cards and then you realize that you have to sign all of them and in some include a note, address the envelope and then realize they have moved and you don’t have their new address, put a stamp on said envelope to realize you have 20 cards and only 4 stamps so not only do you have to go find a Post Office to mail said cards but now you have to stand in line to get enough stamps to send them on their way. Of course at this time of year the lines will be long and usually to add insult to injury they only have one person on duty behind the counter! After contemplating all of this I am now totally exhausted and need another cup of coffee and a NAP!!!

Today we head to Stark, Florida to get the last of the Christmas presents and pick up the fruit, bread, fresh veggies and anything else I forgot in the Walmart Mad-House I was in last week. You couldn’t stir those people with a stick. The store was packed. That was great for Walmart’s bottom line but not for my Stress Level!!! Well I survived then and I will again today. Hey, even Home Depot was packed! Awe the Christmas Season of Sales. Now I know why I started my Christmas shopping in July and ended it in October. Then I only added a few things as the kids and grand kids lists came in. That was how I stayed SANE all these years. I love the Christmas Season! Bring on the Hot Chocolate and the Wassail!

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Thursday filled with the Warmth of the Season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you.




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