Vintage Any One???


The other day on our way to Sanford, Florida we were passing over the St. John’s River and there was this Vintage car ahead of us. Now I took a photo of it then, but as we drove past it I couldn’t resist taking another one. I liked how the car looked with the river behind it and I think the person driving it was having a good time. Norm and I really enjoy seeing these old cars still out here on the road. They remind us of a simpler time of life and were the pride and joy of their owners. They still are the pride and joy of their owners. 🙂

Hope everyone is having a good morning. We are Journeying On today to our favorite Florida SP. So I will need to get moving here soon as I still have to pack the truck and get Miss Lily out for her morning walk.  However I need another cup of coffee to feel human and to have the ump to get on with my day. Cold weather makes me want to hibernate!

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday filled with Hugs and Kisses.


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  1. Nice ’56 Chevy there! 👍


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