Nope Dad! No Moving!


Yesterday Lily decided that she was a comfortable pup and that Norm wasn’t moving. We had errands to do but Lily was on Norm’s lap and she refused to move. He had to move her and she wasn’t happy with him. The wind dumping the pine needles on the Kodiak’s roof and the awning making noise scares her. She doesn’t like being alone when that is going on. She goes and hides on my side of the bed on the rug. She also goes there if she doesn’t like what we are watching on U-Tube. She’s a smart Pup!

Good Morning! Hope everyone is doing well today and staying warm. We are in Packing Mode as we Journey On to Mike Ross Gold Head Branch State Park tomorrow. This is our Favorite State Park here in Florida and we are excited to camp there and go to Johnnies for dinner.

Today it’s quite cold here as it’s in the 30’s. We are so not use to this weather. We do have our cold weather gear with us. Our Lily has a very heavy coat for the cold weather. She actually has three coats so she’s always prepared. Well I still think she needs a rain coat but Norm disagrees with me on that. 🙂

We are headed back to Home Depot today and then off to get Long John Silvers for lunch and to fuel up the Ford. Then it’s back to camp to finish packing.

We are at Silver Springs SP here in Ocala, Florida. It is a lovely park and the campsites are quite spacious and easy to get into. They also offer pull through sites and some sites even have a sewer on them. Ours doesn’t but we really like this site and if we could we would stay here for a couple of weeks. We will be back!

Well I haven’t been  staying on my diet ( at least I haven’t gained any weight) or kept up with my exercises ( though I was biking and walking more) but I hope when everything settles down I can get back on the straight and narrow road again. Until then I am going to enjoy the food and fun with Norm and deal with everything else at a latter date. 🙂

Well I need more coffee and then take Miss Lily for her first walk of the day. Knowing Lily she will want to sniff every rock, tree, and leaf no matter how cold it is out there.

Hope everyone of you has a Pleasant Tuesday filled with Happiness and Joy.


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