Our Sunday Drive


Good Morning!

Hope this finds you well.  We are having a very windy day and Norm is going to tie down the awning before we leave this morning. The wind is dumping pine needles on the Kodiak and driving our Lily crazy. Thanks Mr Wind for waking Lily, who in turn woke us, in the night do to the sounds of things falling on our roof and our awning making noises. So we are a little tired today.

Yesterday we went to our storage locker and picked up the things we had dropped off and the things we were going to bring with us to Missouri next year. We were there just a little while.  I would like to take a lot more with us but they would take up room that I need for other things.

Miss Google took us one way to the locker and another way home. On the way home we saw a lot of road construction and some neat scenery. We also stopped at a Publix for chicken and some turkey and chicken salad for lunch. It was a pleasant drive and we had time to talk and reflect on how our first year plus a few months has somewhat went according to plan and then it’s shifted off course and we are trying to come to grips with all the changes that are occurring. We are planners and we usually have a 1-3-5 year plan going and to have to live with out a long range plan gives us a lot of Stress. We know our short range plan and that is the one we are working on this week. However our long range plans have changed and we are reviewing all the options out there for us. Yes this is vague I know but we will Journey to Oregon, Alaska, Montana and so on we just don’t know when and for planners like us that is a hard thing to deal with. So bear with us as we work through this. We are heading into cold weather. So last night we watched some old videos on U-Tube about preparing for winter weather with the RV Geeks and Gone With the Wynn’s (when they were RVing). We learned a lot and now our list has increased again. More to do!!!! Thanks Junior for the advice about our Ford. Cold Weather here we come!

Today we are doing errands and the list keeps getting longer and longer. I know we will get it all done somehow. I will check in with my brother later to see how Mom is doing. When Norm texted him yesterday he said she’s not doing good at all. Praying!

Well I need to get moving as I have a few things to do before we head out to do our errands. I need more coffee!

Hope everyone has a Magnificent Monday filled with lots of Good Cheer!


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