Tis The Season


Good Morning!

Hope you are doing well and have fully recovered from your Thanksgiving Feast and Black Friday Shopping or maybe you just stayed home and avoided all the madness.

On our 1 1/2 hour drive that turned into a 3 hour trip thanks to all the traffic we saw a truck in front of us with not 1 but 3 Christmas Trees in it. Now I use to have a tree in every room in our house and yes that included the 3 bathrooms and the utility room. I couldn’t help myself I love the Christmas Season and so does Norm. He was in charge of the outside decorations though I did do the wreaths and a few other things.  Norm made our house one of the best decorated houses on the block. Now our children have all but a couple of our Inflatables. We still decorate our home only in a much smaller scale. We do so LOVE the Christmas Season. We actually listen to Christmas music all year long, especially when we are in the Ford Journeying On. What can I say we even wear our Christmas Shirts and Sweatshirts right up to Christmas Day. We Love Christmas!!!!

I spoke to my Mom yesterday and she’s hanging in there but there is a lot she can’t do for herself any more. My cousin will be there checking on her and helping her when my brother and I aren’t there. It’s sad to know that the woman who rode a camel, went to the Wailing Wall and danced on a cruise ship can barely walk. She was in her 70’s when she did that. I am so impressed by all she has seen and done in her 97 years of life. She says her life is like a dream. It is hard to believe that she did all that even though she has picture proof that she did. When they get to this age memories and a kind word is a Blessing for sure. Someone to just listen to them talk about their life is another. A hug goes a long way to making a person feel loved, wanted and needed.

Well I need to get moving as today is a trip to our storage locker to pick up what we dropped off and to get the things we are planning to take with us. A busy day for sure as the drive is a 3 hour round trip. That’s if the traffic is good and moving. Hope it is!!

So my devotions are read and I am dressed for the trip but I need a lot more coffee and Lily needs her walk. Believe me that pup can be as slow as molasses in the winter time. She has to sniff EVERY tree, shrub and grass to get all the NEWS of where she’s at. It can take FOREVER and then if she gets tired she just stands there with this look on her face that says Carry Me and she will not move at all. So the munch gets carried a lot! 🙂

Hope every one has a Splendid Sunday filled Peace and Joy.




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