Everything Changes!


Good Morning!

Hope this finds you doing well and recuperated from all your Black Friday Shopping Sprees.

Our Black Friday started off with me calling my Mom and no answer. Then texting with my brother and finding out he couldn’t reach her either. When he got to our Mom’s it was to find she had fallen again. She’s banged up but otherwise she’s okay. She refused to go to the ER and has told both of us to stop asking her to go. She tells us she’s ready for the Good Lord to call her home. She also lets us know the waiting is the hardest part. All her friends are gone now and a lot of her family is too. The ones who are still here have a lot of health issues themselves so they rarely see each other. It’s a sad state of affairs for Mom. My brother does his best while doing his job too. So on December 7th we are heading out of Florida. We will make a Whistle Stop on the way at a KOA in Georgia and plan to pull into Mom’s on December 8th. Then we will park our Kodiak in her back yard and do all the things we need to do to stay as long as we are needed. That’s until the Lord calls her home. So this Black Friday we had made a stop at our storage locker and dropped off a few things and picked up our Christmas decorations and now after we Journey to Silver Springs SP tomorrow we will be making another run to the locker for the stuff we dropped off and the things we had planned to take with us when we were suppose to leave at the end of February. So Everything Changes as we are dropping off Christmas on December 6th to all the kids houses, this will give us a last chance to see them before we leave. My thoughts are the next time we see you will be when we call you North or next October. It’s hard to let go of what you planned. This is not how we had envisioned our 2019 Christmas but plans change and so do lives. We will Journey On with a smile on our faces knowing we are making Mom’s life a little easier and knowing our Children and Grandchildren know how much we love them. We will miss the Florida Christmas Season but we will be experiencing a Missouri one. Our last Christmas in Missouri was in 1997. I can only hope WE survive the cold,snow and ice if there is any. Hoping and Praying for a mild winter up there.

So our Adventure begins a few months sooner than we were expecting and we will start looking for those Hidden Gems of Missouri to show you. 🙂

Well I need to get moving or we will never get hitched and on the road. Norm and Lily are ready for breakfast and I need a lot more coffee.

Hope all of you have a Wonderful Saturday filled with the Wonders and Joys of the Holiday Season. Bring on the Christmas Music and the Ugly Sweaters!


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