Almost Home


Good Morning!

Hope everyone had a terrific turkey day. Ours was most enjoyable. It was a lot of fun and way to much good food.

Today is a trip to our storage locker to drop off a few things and to pick up a few things including Christmas Decorations!!!!! Yes we are excited to visit our storage. We are planning to drop off the Christmas Presents and come back for them when we move to the park we will be at for our Campfire Christmas. This will be the second year we will have Christmas at camp. We have it the Sunday before Christmas and that way our children and grandchildren aren’t rushing around over the holidays to see us. We aren’t rushing around either and that makes it a win-win for us. My Christmas dinner menu just got longer. As I didn’t make red cabbage for Thanksgiving this year I had better include it on the Christmas menu. Also the baked brie has been requested to be there and that is a must have for some, along with Norm’s Wassail. So let the Christmas Season begin. Our only worries is that where our storage locker is located there is a mall and we have to go right by there. Hoping the Black Friday Traffic isn’t Terrible!!!!

Well I need to get a move on so we can get this show on the road.  Lily needs her walk and I need a lot of COFFEE!!!!!

Hope everyone has an Amazing Black Friday no matter what you are doing today. 🙂



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