Sharing Is Caring!


Good Morning!

Hope all is well with you.

Lily believes that Sharing Is Caring especially if it’s a Sugar Cookie. That was our dessert last night and she was making sure to get her share of the cookies. I was in the kitchen cleaning up a few dishes and she jumped upon my chair to check and see if there was anything left she might be able to con Norm out of. Well last night it was Sugar Cookies and yes she got some of Norm’s and a couple of bites of mine. She is one spoiled pup and we love her dearly.

Today is Ikea Day with our Granddaughter Alysa. We are so looking forward to seeing her and sharing a day with her. As your Grandchildren get older it gets harder to be able to spend a lot of time with them. They have their own busy lives of work, friends, family and significant others so it may mean you only see them a few times each year and that makes those times even more special. This isn’t occurring just because we are RV Nomads it was happening even before we sold our house. Family grow up and move on with their lives and we must do the same. Life’s to short not to enjoy as much of it as is  humanly possible. Each person has their own goals, needs, wants and wishes. We should strive for them using the means we have and I know there will always be limits on this do to health and fiances. There are ways to see and do things even if you can’t go full blown. You can enjoy what is in your surrounding area and take advantage of the things to do there. Some of them maybe free. You may have to do some research to find the Hidden Gems around you but I know you can do it. Happy Exploring! Each day is an Adventure and a Gift. I hope your’s is amazing!

Norm did clean our main AC unit yesterday. He was up on top of the roof using the hose to do this and of course water decided to come in the Kodiak through the AC unit on the ceiling. We had to use my towel to get the water up so Norm went out to the truck and got me another towel. Thank heavens tomorrow is laundry day.  It’s my regular laundry day and I am glad because our hampers are over flowing.

Well I am headed to the shower and before that I need more coffee. Hope everyone has a Wonderful Tuesday filled with Hope, Love and Peace.



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