A Cross-Stitch Sunday


Good Morning!

Hope your day is going well and you are staying warm/cool depending on your climate. We are in the 40’s this morning and we are suppose to get in the 60’s today and for us that is COLD! Hey it’s Florida’s late Fall weather and that’s always unpredictable. You start out in cold weather clothes and by lunch your in shorts and a tee shirt with sandals. Gotta Love It Here!!!

Well it’s an I-Hop breakfast and then some errands. When we get back to camp Norm’s going upon the roof to clean our main AC unit. I don’t know what I am doing today as I didn’t make any plans. I do know I will work a bike ride in sometime today. Ah, I do have to move the Puff Pastry to the fridge to thaw so I can make my Brie for Thanksgiving. I may do my nails today too. We will see.

Looking forward to tomorrow as we are spending time with our Granddaughter Alysa. 🙂 It’s an Ikea day! That is always a fun time and hopefully I will be able to get a few things on my list for the Kodiak. I plan to shop for some new pans and kitchen knives as well as take a look at some storage options. I know what I want and need.  I have found the storage I like on Walmart.com but will wait to order anything till I get back from Ikea.

I worked on my cross-stitch yesterday. I have two cross-stitch pieces I am working on. One is for Christmas and one is a Four Season piece that I can make into a pillow top. When I started these back in 2012 I only worked on them when I was camping. These were two of the crafts I took with me. So that is why it’s taking me so long to complete them. I am hoping by this time next year I will have finished at least one of them. A lofty goal for sure. Wish me luck as I will most assuredly need it!

Well I need to get moving as we are wanting breakfast at I-Hop and Lily needs her morning walk.

Hope everyone has a Stupendous Monday filled with Warmth and Caring.


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