Another Beautiful Day!


Good Morning!

Hope everyone is doing well today. We had rain that came in around 3 am and is already gone so we can go on our bike ride. That is the only thing we have planned for today.

Yesterday we had a wonderful time with our youngest daughter Stephanie and her family. It was a fun time watching our Grand Boys enjoy Mother Nature. The older boy just explored around the campsite and stayed out of mischief, but the younger one is a bundle of energy and always on the move and pushing the boundaries to see just how far he can go. I can see why the YOUNGER GENERATION has the kids they just wear me out watching them! We love it when our kids and their families come to visit. Makes us Smile! 🙂

I am trying to decide on what to fix for breakfast. Some days that is a chore in itself as I run through all the options in my head. Today is no different as I really don’t want cereal but I really don’t want to cook either. What to serve?  So I may do the old stand-by of Toast with Peanut Butter and a side of yogurt. Do you have these mornings too?

Well I  need to get moving or this day will pass me by. I definitely need more coffee!!!! I am heading to the coffee pot for a refill. Hope everyone has a Pleasant Sunday filled with Peace and Love.



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