Bike Rides


If you enjoy bike riding Lake Louisa SP has a lot of paved roads you can ride on. There are trails here too and we did take our bikes on one of them last year. We had planned to hike this year but with Norm’s Jury Duty being 4 days we will have to do that the next time we visit. When I was out on the road the other day I did meet a lot of bikers so it’s a good place to ride and just maybe you might see some wildlife. Now the Campers Canteen does rent bikes if you didn’t bring your own with you. I enjoy the bike rides I take on the road always hoping I will see some major wildlife. Jokes on me all I’ve seen is birds! 🙂

Good Morning!

Our youngest daughter and her family are coming to visit today. I guess you could call this our Campfire Thanksgiving only with hot dogs and smoked sausages. Of course there are sides and some sugar cookies for a sweet. Bring on the Grand Boys and let the fun begin.

So I need to get moving and get somethings done before they arrive.

Hope everyone has a Super Saturday filled with Special Moments.



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