My Morning Bike Ride!


Good Morning!!!

Norm is done with Jury Duty!!!

So today is some errands and then we can just enjoy the day here at camp. Maybe a bike ride later today. There are a few chores we have to do. The trash and dumping the tanks are a constant chore we must attend to. That’s just part of our RV life. 🙂

Most of my Morning Bike Rides were to take the Trash up to the dumpster and then I would ride further up the road, always in the hope I would see some wildlife. I usually saw a lot of small birds and one morning a hawk but no deer or tortoise to be found. The weather was cool and the days were beautiful which made the ride most enjoyable.  The one morning there were a lot of bike riders out and I gather they were timing their ride because I heard the one guy yell we’ve THREE minutes. I guess that was to their turn around place so they could head back. Don’t know if they made it in the time allowed but they zoomed past me as I slowly rode my Beach Cruiser Bike along the road headed back to camp. I also stopped often to admire the view and take pictures. Hey I’m Retired and in No Hurry to get back to camp!

For all of you who are DEER HUNTING this week I wish you Good Luck in your endeavors and hope you fill your buck or doe tag or tags which ever you may have.

Well guess I had better get a move on as there are things I need to do before we head out this morning. My sinus is still reminding me it’s there and hasn’t departed for parts unknown yet. The sooner it leaves the better I’ll like it!

Hope everyone has a Amazing Friday filled with Hope and Good Cheer.





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