The Lily’s Afternoon Stroll!


Yes our Lily likes to go on an afternoon stroll and I do mean it’s a S T R O L L!!! She has to meet everyone that we see and she expects that they will talk to her and give her lots of PETS!  I took her picture while she was watching a couple who were walking toward us and she was waiting for them to stop and talk to her. They did tell her how adorable she was and then we proceeded on with her stroll. Earlier she met some little kids and she enjoyed their attention too. She’s so spoiled!

Hope every one is having a good morning and staying warm. It’s cool here in the mornings and then it warms up around noon. In the shade it was a lot cooler than when I was in the sunshine and since I’m not feeling that great (Sinus) I didn’t sit outside maybe today I will.  I did ride my bike when I took the trash up to the dumpster and decided to ride up to the volleyball court and then later in the day I took a bike ride around the campground. It was fun even though I almost lost my hat!

Well today I may bake some brownies and biscuits. We will see as I do have a load of laundry to do. Oh I did get the floor mopped. I was very happy about that. 🙂

My coffee cup is empty and Lily needs her first walk of the day. Hope everyone has an Amazing Wednesday filled with Love and Happiness.


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