Good Morning!

Hope this finds you well.

Today Norm is headed in to Jury Duty. We are hoping this is the only day he has to go. We are hoping to do some hiking and biking this week and we do have some plans for next week too. Everything is on hold until we know what Norm will be doing!

While Norm is gone I think I will do a load of towels and mop the floors. As everyone knows this is an on going chore that we all have to do. Other than walking the dog I haven’t really thought about what else I will be doing today. I may bake some Brownies as a treat for Norm when he gets home. That sounds like a good idea to me.

We are trying to decide what day to go to our storage locker and pick up our Christmas decorations and shirts. There are a few other things I would like to get while I am there. Maybe I need a locker list. Think I will start one today.

Well I need to get moving and take Miss Lily for her walk. Hope everyone has an Amazing Monday filled with Peace and Joy.



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