Last Stop!


Good Morning!

Hope everyone is staying warm today.

This was supposed to be our last stop at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve SP, the dump station. Then we spotted two Cara Caras on their favorite perch on our way out and we just had to stop and take a couple of pictures of them. We hadn’t seen any the whole time we were here and other campers and volunteers had mentioned they hadn’t seen any either. So we felt very blessed to see them on our way out of the park. We did get a late start as we were visiting with the young couple that came over and was telling us about the large raccoon and possum that had raided their one cooler they forgot to lock the night before. They had brought their horses and were going for a ride after breakfast. There were several horse trailers there when we left and we did see them getting ready to ride the trails as we were packing the truck. Hope they had a fun ride.

Our Journey here was quite pleasant and then while we were setting up we had a few issues. 1st when I came in the Kodiak to open the slides I noticed that the wine rack had tossed 5 bottles of wine out on the floor and they were now all the way over to the other slide out. No bottles were broken and I am very grateful for that. The screen on my stove vent decided to vacate and landed half under my slide out so I had to retrieve it before I could open the slides. While we were discovering all of this inside our Kodiak the piece that hooks our filter to the water line broke and Norm had to rush outside and shut the water off so he could replace that and turn our water back on. I am grateful that all happened outside. Now we do really like this site but it is a challenge to get our Kodiak in here just the way we want her. Yes it is a pull through site but that doesn’t mean it is level or you won’t have to tinker with getting you rig in here just right. We did and we are very pleased with how it all turned out. Just think our site is curved and our Kodiak is straight and we have to get her straight and level in a curve. Takes some maneuvering to accomplish it but we did it! 🙂

Today is an easy day of taking down the bikes and doing some decorating inside and out. Yesterday we just did what needed to be done and then headed to Publix for chicken and stopped on the way for diesel so Norm is all set for tomorrows trip to Jury Duty!

To us it is cold here. It’s 52 degrees with a high of 66 degrees later today. I know all of you are thinking this sounds like Spring to you. Keep thinking that but to us Floridians it’s time for the sweat shirts, leggings and boots! 🙂

On that note I need to get moving before long it will be Lily’s walk time and I really need coffee!

Hope everyone’s Sunday is filled with Hope and Love.



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