What Is That Doing Here?


Good Morning!

Hope this finds you warm and dry.

The one thing you don’t expect to see here in the middle of NO-WHERE is a Food Truck! Well we have seen this Food Truck twice now. It is always parked where the road leads up to the Park’s entrance. We gather they must do a good business or they wouldn’t keep coming  back there. We never stopped to try their food. So if you do please let us know how it was. Maybe we will try it the next time we are here.

Yesterday I did get all the groceries put away and most of my packing done. That always makes me feel good and so today I only have a few things to do before we head out. I also precook our breakfast so it is just a heat and serve and make a lunch to take with us. Of course there is always a thermos of black coffee riding along in the back seat with our Lily. Yes! I do bring the fixings so Norm can drink coffee too. 🙂

Excited about heading out today we have enjoyed our stay here but it’s time to Journey On. We have stayed at the next park before and it is where we held our Campfire Christmas last year. So this upcoming park has a lot of fond memories for us.

It’s time to get moving and load up the Ford, take Lily for her walk, finish putting away a few things and bring in our slides. Then it’s hitching time and off to check out and dump our tanks and then get this Show on the Road!!!

May all of you have a Saturday filled with Love.


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  1. Safe travels


  2. Thank you. We arrived safely. Chilly weather here.😊


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