Good Morning!

Hope this finds everyone doing well and staying warm and dry.

Talk about frustrations have you ever tried to load a bike up onto the bike rack when it has a flat tire? If you have then you understand how difficult it can be. That bike does not want to cooperate with you at all. Now this is the second time this has happened. Once it was Norm’s bike and that was a major pain in the “A” as his bike rides on the back side of the rack and we have to lift it up and over our propane tanks. As I am such a “SHORTY” I am standing on a step stool so I can grab the bike as Norm brings it up and then the struggle begins. If I were taller and had longer arms it would be so easy but since I don’t it can be a challenge. Now if the bike has no issues with it then the loading is much easier. Now yesterday it was my bikes turn to be the pain in the “A”. She has a flat tire and she was not cooperating at all. We had to reposition her several times to get her up there and secured for the Journey. Norm did most of this I just hung onto the bike to make sure she didn’t come back down. We did get both bikes secured and locked down and covered and ready to travel. We always say we are Campground entertainment when we load and unload the bikes. Easy Peasy loading and unloading happens rarely and that is why we can be so entertaining to watch!

Another Frustration of ours is Norm’s kickstand on his bike. The thing is flimsy and is a pain to use. You can not depend on it and several times his bike has wiped out and even taken mine with it. That kickstand is being changed out soon. We just have to find him one and we keep forgetting to look. It’s on the To Do List. Norm will replace my inner tube at the next park and then I can enjoy riding my bike again. A Happy Ending!

Today is Pack Down Day as we want to leave around 9:30 in the morning. We are a good two and a half hour drive from here and with us stopping often it will be at least a three hour drive. Looking forward to the Journey.

Monday has Norm checking in for Jury Duty. He can check on-line after tonight if he still has to go. The Court House will be a hour and a half away from where we will be camping. Also the Turn Pike is one the quickest ways to get there and in Rush Hour Traffic it is a busy MESS!!! Hope he doesn’t have to go.

Well I need to get moving and I need coffee. Hope everyone’s Friday is filled with Warmth and Peace.


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