The Fall Clean Is Done!!!!!


Good Morning!

Hope this finds you warm and toasty.

My Mom says it’s so cold there. She has her first snow and she’s not happy with her weather and longing for the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s again.

Well the Fall cleaning is done and boy am I glad of that. It took me three days and now I am ready for the fun times to begin. Today is grocery shopping and a few errands one of which is a visit to Home Depot. While there I will have to check out the outside decorations and plants. I enjoy going to Home Depot I get a lot of good ideas for the Kodiak there. Now don’t get me wrong a lot of them I later discover will not work because they are to large and I only have so many feet to work with but it’s fun to dream. 🙂

It’s hard to imagine that last August we pulled in here and parked on this very site and began our RV Nomad life. We love this campsite as it’s shady and for a lot of the time here you’re alone. We do have a campground host and another volunteer here but they aren’t that close so you still have a lot of privacy. Now last year we did see a lot more wildlife but this year the wild boars(hogs) have decided they really like our campsite and have come to visit several times. We’ve only seen them once but we have seen where they have been. Norm took down our screen room early and one of the reasons was they had started rooting underneath the back of it and we didn’t want it torn up. Also we are suppose to get some rain later this evening and tomorrow. We don’t like to pack anything WET if we can avoid it. Pack Down Day is tomorrow.

We now know about the coyotes and we are extra careful when Miss Lily goes out in the early morning and late evening. We heard them in the early evening but we weren’t sure what that sound was until our neighbor down the way told us. Now we know.

Well I had better get moving as Grocery Shopping will not do itself no matter how much I want it to. Hope everyone has a Thursday filled with Peace, Harmony and Love.




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