Happy Eleventh Birthday To Our Lily!


Good Morning!

Hope this finds you well.

Today is our Lily’s 11th Birthday and of course that means she is 77 years old in Doggie Years! She is always being told how she looks and acts so YOUNG!! She then struts her stuff after that! Happy Birthday Lily!

It is a very windy day here today and our temps are in the 60’s and headed to the low 70’s. Now tomorrow they are promising us 80 degree weather. We shall see. It seems our weather is bouncing all over the temperature map. Mother Nature can’t decide what she wants Fall or Winter weather! The only thing I know is I am glad Norm tied down our awning tight. She’s a flapping in this wind and scares Lily every time she hears it. Then the crows decided that our roof was the perfect place to have a jog and back and forth they went. Then the smarty sat up their calling all his friends and relatives to come and join him. We yelled at him to get off our roof!

The last day of my Fall Cleaning and boy am I glad of that. Three days is enough for me. Though it use to take me a week in our sticks-n-bricks house. So this is an improvement. Of course I took my time doing this too. Hey I’m not 40 any more! 🙂 Today is our bedroom and the bathroom and then the floors. Then I can rest. Well not really as tomorrow is groceries and a few other errands and Friday is packing so we can Journey On Saturday. We love this park but we are beginning to feel the urge to Journey On. We like the park we are headed to and it is a little closer to the kids and grandkids. That’s always a plus for us.

Well I am going to laugh at myself here. I had cleaned all the cabinets in the Living/Kitchen area and it dawned on me that I hadn’t seen my Tart Burner. I had found the tea-lights but no burner. So here I sat trying to figure out just where I had stored it and for the life of me I just couldn’t remember. Guess I really need to drink more coffee! Well I decided rather than worry about it or tear up the cabinets I had worked so hard on that I would just buy one when I go to Walmart. Well I put it on my grocery list and sat down with my coffee and it came to me it had to be in the container where I had found the tea-lights. Now that is stored in the COFFEE cabinet!!!! So back to that cabinet I go and sure enough I found it nestled in with my mixing pitchers. I was very glad I found it. I then erased it off the list. I am very fond of this Tart Burner as my oldest daughter gave it to me many years ago. 🙂 Happy Me!!!!!

I guess I had better get moving or the morning will be gone and I will have done nothing but sit and look at Pinterest and Journal. So off to the coffee pot I go and then onward with today’s projects.

Hope everyone has an Amazing Wednesday filled with Warmth, Friendship and Sunshine.



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  1. Happy Birthday Lilly!!


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