Another Day Of Cleaning


Good Morning!

Hope all of you are doing well.

Today is another day of Fall cleaning. While I cleaned yesterday I packed my decorations. We are moving Saturday and that is one less thing I have to pack on Friday. Well I still have one kitchen cabinet to do and then onward to the rest of the room. Did you ever notice that cleaning out cabinets, drawers and closets always takes longer than you thought they would? I am also cleaning the walls, ceilings, trim and floors and that just seems to make the cleaning process so much longer to me.

I took this picture yesterday as we have a lot of Turkey Vultures ( I think that’s what they are called) here in camp and they seem to love this tree. You will see them in it most mornings and late evenings.  The hogs have been out again I can see where they have been. They have rooted around our screen room and even close to the Kodiak. We’ve only seen them once since we’ve been here but we see where they have been every morning. We don’t know what the park does now for population control of them. Our neighbors said they saw some Gators along the road to our camp and that doesn’t surprise us as we have seen them there before.

Well I do need to get moving as the Kodiak will not clean itself. Lily will need her walk soon and I need more coffee. I am glad I am here in Florida as Mom says she now has SNOW where she’s at in Missouri.

Hope everyone has a Lovely Tuesday filled with Peace and Joy.


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  1. We have snow here too . Barb and I drove home from Branson in rain, freezing rain, sleet and then snow. We made it home safely. Here at home we broke the low temperature that was set in 1911. We got down to 11 degrees.


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