A Thank-You To Our Veterans


Thank-you to all our Veterans and their families. If it were not for you we would not be able to do the things we want to do. Free speech would not be ours, worshiping as we please wouldn’t be either.  There are so many just so many Freedoms we take for granted and that’s sad. If you’re happy that you live in this Great Nation of ours Please Thank a Veteran today and every day you see one. HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY!

Good morning!

Hope all of you are keeping warm. My Mom tells me it’s so cold in Missouri. She’s 97 and she does feel the cold more than she use to. Hope she has a mild winter this year.

Today is the day Norm is installing our 2nd AC on the Kodiak. That is after he empties the tanks. I on the other hand am starting the Fall Clean of the cabinets and everything else in the Kodiak. Today is the Living/Dining and Kitchen area of the Kodiak and that is a lot of cabinets to go through and clean. I also hope to clean out the refrigerator and freezer. Later I will do the outside freezer. They both need a good cleaning and defrosting but we will see. Wish us luck!!!

Well my bike’s front tire is no longer holding air. So every time I want to ride it we have to get the air compressor out and air up my tire and that’s no fun for either of us. Norm thinks it’s the valve stem just like it was on his bike earlier this year. So when we go to Walmart on Thursday we will see if they have an inner tube that will fit my bike. It’s always something!  🙂

We’ve heard an Owl behind our campsite two nights now but we’ve not been able to catch a glimpse of it yet so no pictures. Sigh! I would love to see it and get a picture of it but that probably will not happen.

We are expecting quite a few of the campers will head home today. Down from us is a Cub Pack and it is nice to see them out camping. So this visit we have had Girls Scouts and Cub Scouts. Brings back a lot of memories of doing these things with our kids. We have five children three boys and two girls so we were in both organizations. We enjoyed doing this with our children. 🙂

Well I need coffee and to get this day moving along. Hope all of you have a Terrific Monday filled with Happiness.




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