Seeking Peace


Good Morning!

Hope everyone is doing well today. We now have cooler weather. The temps this morning are in the 50’s with the highs suppose to be in the upper 70’s. Fall has arrived and our Fireplace is on. Yeah Us!!!!

Seeking Peace! I believe everyone sometime in their life goes looking for that elusive word and feeling. PEACE it can be found in yourself or with someone else. It can be found in a church or in Mother Nature. This park we are at is one of the most Peaceful Parks we have been to. You can walk, ride your bike or sit outside and all around you is quiet. It settles our souls and helps us revive that spark we need to meet everyday challenges. I am so glad it does this for so many people. I hope that everyone finds a place like this where they can go and recharge their batteries to face whatever challenges they have in their lives. We are Blessed to have places like this to visit!

We had a great time yesterday with our grandson and his mom and dad. Thank you to Nikki and Junior for all the help getting the 2nd AC on the roof for Norm to install this coming week. We went down to the cross roads and walked up the side road and let Moses explore for a little while. Of course we kept a look out for the elusive Gators. They are there we know. They are just not showing themselves. We did see three deer on the way there and that is the first ones we’ve seen since we got here. It is fun viewing the park through the eyes of a 3 year old. He had a lot of fun running around and the best part for him was when Grandpa made the campfire and played hide and seek with him.  We are so glad they came to visit.

Today is an easy day. We just do whatever we want as this next week will be a week full of CHORES as we give our Kodiak a through cleaning and Norm installs that AC unit. A few other fix it projects are on his TO DO list too that he wants to complete before we head out this coming Saturday.

Well I need coffee and to start moving as Lily will need her walk soon and she can’t take herself on that. She would like to then she could go where ever she wanted and not where we will let her. Poor Lily!

Hope everyone has a Warm and Safe Sunday filled with Love and Good Things.




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