Water Break


Good Morning!

I hope everyone is doing well this morning.

Yes it’s raining and has been since about 4 am. It’s suppose to stop around 9 am today. Hope that’s accurate as we have family coming to visit.

Yesterday’s bike ride was fun! We rode all the way to the entrance and we swear that we must have been an interesting sight for that herd of cattle. They all stopped what they were doing and just stared at us as we went by. The calves took one look at us and ran to find their Mother! I never realized we were that Scary looking! Norm even stopped and did a little video of one of them. I am sure that will be in one of our episodes soon. As for wildlife we did see a Garter Snake, a tiny one, some caterpillars, bugs and birds. Now on the way back we did stop and take pictures of the Hawk sitting on the pole and it proceeded to yell at us for about 5 minutes. I ended up telling it how sorry I was that I had No Compensation to give it for taking it’s picture. It ranted some more and then flew off. Interesting bike ride for sure.

Back at camp we had some Wild Hogs come to visit. There were four of them and Norm got some video before they ran off. I took a couple of pictures of them out the window. I had went to get a cup of coffee and looked out the window and there they were. I yelled for Norm to get his camera and he took one look out the window and away he went. By the time I got out there they were gone. They can really move when they want to. These four were young ones for sure. The other morning it was a flock of Turkey Hens and a Gobbler walking through our camp and yesterday Hogs. Bring on the Deer!

Well I do need to get moving I have potato salad to make and some cleaning to do before the kids get here so I better get to it. Hope everyone has a Stupendous Saturday filled with Love and Laughter. Stay Safe and Warm/Cool depending on where you reside.


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