The Long Road Home


Good Morning! Hope everyone is doing well today.

I saw this long sandy gravel road with palm trees on both sides and I realized this is someone’s driveway. It’s a beautiful driveway with the way the Palms are and I couldn’t help myself from thinking about a leisurely walk down to get the mail or what a chore it would be to get the trashcan down there on trash pick-up days. I can also imagine a child getting off the school bus and racing up the drive so excited to tell Mom all about their day at school. This is a driveway full of memories for all who have lived here. I can only hope that all the precious moments that make those beautiful memories continues.

Today we are biking and we are going to attempt to bike all the way to the entrance to the park. That is quite a ways and I can only hope we have a great ride and that we see some wildlife too. We are suppose to get some rain later today. Hope it holds off till we are back in camp.

I do have a beef with the crows and my table cloth. Yes I know it’s a cheap one but do you have to land on it and snack on whatever you’ve caught and in the process of doing that shred my tablecloth to pieces!!!  I know we are out in Mother Nature!  I’ve found paw (raccoon) prints on my crock pots lid before but they didn’t tear it up.  The crows can be so annoying and Lily agrees with me. She lets them know this is her Home every time she sees one! Today she’s not a happy pup as there are things falling on the Kodiak’s roof again and that drives her crazy. She hides under your arm and then she feels somewhat safe. Poor Lily! I can’t put my shoes by my side of the bed because that is her hiding spot when we are gone or if we are watching something on U-Tube she doesn’t like. So I have my shoes by my chair in the Living Room area and today I have to put some of them away as I am running out of room there.

After our morning bike ride it’s a few chores like empty and treat the tanks and sweep and then clean the shower stall. Because of the humidity I’ve been using chemicals in both my black and gray water tanks. Usually in my gray water tank I use backing soda, Epson salt, and white vinegar but due to the heat and humidity I needed something stronger. I’ll be glad when we get cool weather again.

Well I need to get a move on. Lily needs her walk and I have my devotions to read. Today feels like a Psalms day to me.

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Whimsical Friday filled with Happiness and Joy.






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