Realization of One’s Limitations


Good Morning! Hope this finds you doing well.

Yesterday was our Hiking Day! What was suppose to be a two to two and a half mile hike became a five and a half mile hike.  We attempted to go on the two mile hike but the trail is over grown and there is water across the trail and we don’t go through weeds, mud and water when we know there are Gators everywhere in the park. So for the 2nd time that day we turned around and headed back and took the other trail. This trail is about a 4  mile hike but with all the back and forth hiking we had already done our hike became a five and a half mile hike. Well about half way down this trail and I started having some issues. My left knee often gives me fits and yesterday was no exception. I also have a tendency to dehydrate quite quickly and that started happening too. We had brought enough water for the 2 mile hike but we should have had a lot more with us for a longer hike. The hike is beautiful and the Prairie is magnificent  but it’s hard to enjoy it if you are not up to par. I prayed a lot while hiking and I am grateful prayers are answered. There were a lot of interesting things we saw on the trail and one of them was the baby gator Norm almost stepped on. The Mom Gator was out in the weeds along the side of the trail and we could hear her moving around though we were fortunate that we didn’t meet her. Later in the hike Norm saw 2 Turkey Hens and on the road back to camp we did see three more baby gators in the little water area beside the road. Two were swimming and one was sunning on a rock. We again didn’t see the Mom! We saw where the wild hogs have been but we were grateful that we never encountered them. Norm was carrying our Bear Mace just in case. I can easily say I was very glad to get home and I am very grateful to Norm for taking care of me and that my prayers were answered. I now know that I can no longer do the long hikes and I will be limiting myself to 3 miles or less in the future! Live and Learn!!!!! 🙂

Today is a day of rest and a day to drive a hour to the local Walmart. Yes that is how far away it is and the place we get diesel is at least 30 minutes away so we will stop and fill up our Ford’s tank while we are out too. A busy morning for us.

We also have to visit the Health Insurance Market Place so I can sign up for my plan for next year. As with last year I had to call the Doctor’s office to see if they will accept my plan and then my insurance company (who were no help at all because they don’t have any info on 2020 policies yet) before I go out to renew my policy. What a mess, the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing! There has to be a better way of streamlining this processes. Hope they figure it out soon.

Oh! I looked out my window and I have a flock of Turkey Hens in my campsite. There was a Gobbler with them too. I am so happy and grateful to see them. 🙂 That makes my day!

Well I do need to get moving or we will never get to Walmart and Lily will not get her walk. Boy do I need more coffee!!!

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Thursday filled with Hope and Good Cheer.




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