Date Night!


Good Morning! Hope this finds everyone well today.

Last night after a dinner of grilled hamburgers we headed down to the crossroad to see if we would be able to maybe get some pictures of the Prairie in the moonlight. We sat on the Ford’s tailgate and enjoyed the Peace and Quite as well as the lightening show that was going on at the time. As far as we can tell we received no rain. It was a lovely night out with the fireflies flitting around and Norm was able to get a few pictures. It was quite enjoyable until the mosquitoes decided we were dinner!!! So we decided to head back home with another stop to few the prairie and so ended our Date Night.  🙂

Today we are planning a hike and we hope to maybe see some wildlife. Last night we saw one owl and two bunnies.  So we keep hoping each day to see some deer or turkeys but so far they are a no show.

Lily had an enjoyable afternoon out in our screen room. She let that pesky crow know that it was not welcome in HER campsite and to move on. She’s been really happy to take her walks. In some parks that hasn’t always been the case. I guess here there is more to sniff and explore.

Well I need to get moving or it will be noon and we won’t have gone anywhere. Hope everyone has a Wild and Wonderful Wednesday filled with Love.


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