Stopping For Some Pictures


Good Morning!

Hope everyone is doing well today.

As you can see we do STOP to take pictures of Mother Nature. We wanted some pictures of the Prairie and this is a great spot to do that. It’s the long road that comes into the park. We will be biking part of this road today up to the crossroad so we can walk down the side road to the creek area and see if any gators are there. Norm saw one yesterday but he could only get a picture of it’s eyes and the top of it’s head so we are hoping to see a few today and get some better pictures. We haven’t seen a lot of wildlife here in camp yet. Last year we saw a lot but we were the only ones here for several days but this year there are more campers here and that can make a difference.  This time we have a Campground Host and I’ve been told they are from Missouri. I’m hoping to stop and have a chat with them soon.

Laundry Day was interesting and I was blessed to meet a lot of the Volunteers that are staying and working here. Very nice people and a few of them are die-hard FOOTBALL fans and can quote stats and such like it’s the most important information around. I like Football but I am more of a Hockey and Baseball type of fan. I was sure out in left field yesterday when they started talking about the players and trades that are being made. Whew it was intense!!!!! I did get all my laundry done though and had an enjoyable time doing it. Good company, Beautiful scenery and a lovely warm breeze. It doesn’t get any better than that! 🙂

On one of Norm’s bike rides yesterday he saw a Diamond Back Rattlesnake on the road. He was extra careful and stopped to get some pictures of it. So he will be posting some of them later today. As we are living in Mother Nature we really want to see some deer and turkeys please. Oh the wild Hogs are tearing up the campsites where we are staying. They can be very destructive and we have seen this in several campgrounds we have stayed in. Be careful if you should encounter them they can be very aggressive.

Well I need more COFFEE and then get Lily out for her walk. We have a few things to do before we head out on our bikes today so I need to get with it or it will be 10:00 a.m. and I will still be sitting here drinking coffee and writing in my journal.

Hope every one has a Splendid Tuesday filled with Love, Laughter and Happiness.





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