Will It Rain Today????


Good Morning. Hope all is well with you.

We are wondering if it will rain or not today. There is a chance of Thunderstorms today and I will be up at the bathhouse doing laundry. I have seven loads of wash to do and that will take awhile. Don’t you wish that the laundry and the dishes would do themselves? I do!!!! I am going to drive up to the bathhouse and leave Norm here to work on videos with the Lily.

Yesterday we did get the bikes down and we were able to take a couple of bike rides. One of these was up to the dumpster and since we were right there we rode around the campground too. I don’t know what I did yesterday but my lower back is hurting like crazy yesterday evening and still hurts this morning. That isn’t something I need right now a back ache.

Well I thought the container of Thanksgiving decorations had what I wanted in it but when I opened it I found out just how wrong I was. This container had just a few pieces that I wanted to use and my Turkey coffee cups that I thought was in there I had put in with the Halloween and they are now back at the storage unit. So the JOKES on me. Never ASSUME anything always check and be sure of what’s in a container before you take it with you or return it to storage. Our storage unit is three hours away from where we are camping. Oh well! I will Live and Learn from this!!!  Our Kodiak is now decorated for Thanksgiving and she looks good. 🙂

Well I need to get moving or that laundry will never get done.

Hope everyone has a Beautiful Monday filled with Happiness and Love.




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