Welcome To The Prairie


Good Morning!

Hope this finds you doing well and either staying warm or staying cool depending on where you are. We arrived yesterday and it was Hot and Humid and today it is Cool and Crisp. Go figure I don’t think Mother Nature has decided just what season it really is yet! Maybe by Christmas she’ll make up her mind! 🙂

It’s windy here today and on the Prairie there isn’t a lot to stop the wind blowing through.

We camp on the Equestrian Side of the Park’s campgrounds. This area is away from the bigger campground and has trees and usually is a lot less crowded. This week-end there is a Girl Scout Troop camping here with their families. So glad to see that. It looked like they were having a lot of fun. Today there will be a rush to get out of here as tomorrow is a school/work day and the beginning of another busy week for most people. I hope they all have a safe Journey home.

Over the last few weeks we’ve spent a lot of time traveling and have discovered that a lot of drivers and riders (bicycles and Motorcycles) either think they own the whole road , are playing with their phone, or are simply not paying attention and we have had a lot of  NEAR MISSES. Thank heaven that Norm WAS paying attention or we would have taken out the bicycle that powered through the FOUR way Stop Sign on French, The Older Lady in the blue car that just decided she wanted our lane and didn’t even look and started to come right on over even though we were there and the guy in the truck who wanted to use both of the lanes to go around the clover leaf to get on the Turn Pike. I was very Thankful that the Lord was watching over all of us!

Today will be a very easy day for us. We are taking down the bikes and I plan on decorating the Kodiak and our campsite. So this should be a fun day. We are excited to be here and to have some down time. 🙂 We loved our time at Blue Springs with seeing our children and grandchildren but now it’s time for some chores and to enjoy Mother Nature. We’re all smiles. This park we’re in is our 2nd Favorite SP here in Florida.

Well I do need to get moving though. Lily will need her walk soon and there is a Screen Room and a Coffee Pot calling my name and I must answer them.

Hope all of you have a Blessed Sunday filled with Hope and Love.


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