It’s Saturday and We are Ready To Roll!


Good morning! Hope this finds everyone doing well today.

Today we are Journeying On to one of our Favorite parks. We haven’t been there since last August and it will be lovely to be there again. Now if these pesky mosquitoes will just leave us alone it will be wonderful. We have a lot of projects we plan to do on the Kodiak. Norm is putting on our 2nd AC unit and I am cleaning all the cabinets, closets and a top to bottom clean of everything else. Norm also has some other maintenance jobs on his To-Do List. Then we are looking forward to some biking and setting outside in Mother Nature. Should be a fun time for sure.

I took this picture on the way back from our trip to the storage unit. We have to cross over the St. John’s River and I can never resist taking a picture of it. I was lucky this time. There was a boat out there and with this being a Friday that was a nice surprise. So I thought I would share it with you.

Well I had better get a move on and finish getting the BAT’s back seat loaded so we can head out. But first I need another cup of coffee. Hope everyone has a Splendid Saturday filled with Hope and Good Cheer.



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