My Uninvited Halloween Guest!


Good Morning!

Hope you’re doing well and that your Halloween was Spooktacular! This was the first year we’ve had no Trick-r-Treaters. We go to our oldest daughters and usually we have at least a 100 kids of all ages. She moved last December and no one came. So we’re planning next year to go to her Mother-n-law’s for Halloween. Should be fun.

Well as you can see I had an uninvited guest using my chair. I had just put the first batch of wings in to fry and when I opened my chair there was this Rat Snake. Yes, I screamed and Norm walked back to me and ask me what’s wrong? I had moved around the chair and it moved and I screamed again. Normally snakes don’t bother me, but finding one in my chair does bother me! Hey there were no snakes in Norm’s chair or Lily’s stool. Just in MY chair! Now I do have to admit my chair is quite comfy and maybe that’s why the Snake decided to rest there awhile. Norm moved my chair to the shrubbery and dumped the snake out. Then it took it’s own sweet time leaving our campsite. I will be very careful from now on opening the chairs. I am just grateful it wasn’t poisonous!

Today is a trip to the storage locker to put some Halloween decorations away as well as our costumes. I wore a Cleopatra costume and Norm was a Pharoh. The only downside was doing my makeup and the cape thing that restricted my arm movements. Otherwise these were quite comfortable costumes. After the storage locker it will be time for me to begin the packing. Norm’s taking our son somewhere later today so he will be gone awhile. Awe alone time! Enjoy!

We got our BAT truck back around 3:30 p.m. yesterday. They had her 4 days. She rides and drives like a dream. We are very pleased with the work they did. Now our travels will be even more pleasant.

Well I need to get moving. Hope everyone has a Great Friday. Can you believe it’s the First day of November?  Thanksgiving is on it’s way!


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