Good Morning! Hope all of you are doing well this Thursday morning.

Well I have to say that once again I FORGOT a couple of things on my grocery run yesterday. Of all things I forgot the White Vinegar and Mayo. I use the White Vinegar to treat my grey water tank along with Epson Salt and Baking Soda which I did remember to get. I just need the Mayo for potato salad and sandwiches. Okay stop because now I am making me hungry!

Later this morning I will fry my hot wings and put them in the crock pot with Buffalo Sauce to simmer till we head out to our daughters for Trick-R-Treating. Has anyone else noticed how expensive CANDY has become? The thing is you never know just how much to buy so we went with the Extra Large Bag and only bought the one bag. Hope it’s enough. My biggest concern for me today is doing my make-up to go with my costume. I will study some tutorials on Pintrest and see if I can follow one of them. I maybe in tears before my make-up is done. We will see!!!

Hopefully we get our BAT back this morning. Ford has had her since Monday and that means we’ve still got the Jeep rental. We need our BAT back! There are things that we didn’t expect to need that our in her and so we are waiting to do somethings till she’s here again. One of those things is emptying the tanks today. I miss our Big Black BAT!!!

Lily is groomed and looks adorable and is a very HAPPY pup again. The Vet texted me yesterday and all her tests were good. She’s also under 10 lbs. and the Vet was happy about  her  weight. So all of us got good Dr. reports! Yeah Us!!!

Well I need to get moving as the rest of the groceries will not put themselves away and the wings will not fry themselves either. I need COFFEE!!!!

Hope everyone has a Wonderful, Spooky and Fun Halloween! May your Trick-R-Treating go well. Stay Safe and have Loads of Fun tonight!




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  1. I hope you all have a safe Halloween. Here in STL we are going to have one of the coolest Halloween in 90 years. I can’t wait to see you all in your customs. M


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