Another Busy Day!


Good Morning! Hope all is well with you.

We had a semi rough night. Lily had  her vet visit and she wasn’t feeling great(shots) and she’s itchy because her hair’s long and today is the groomers. So our sleep was spotty at best. Today is the groomers and then grocery shopping. So we will talk with the groomer about her and then stop at McD’s for breakfast and head back to the park. We plan to go down to the picnic area and have breakfast there. Then it’s a wait for the Lily and Ford to call. We are hoping Ford calls today so we can go get our truck as we’ve discovered we are in need of a few things that are in it. Isn’t that the way it usually goes? After Lily’s grooming it’s the grocery run and the Post Office to mail a couple of things. So another busy day for all of us.

Can you believe that tomorrow is Halloween? Where has the month gone? We are excited about going to our daughters for Halloween and today I am buying another bag of chicken wings to fry and Buffalo Sauce for them. Tomorrow I will be frying those wings and putting them in my crock pot cover in sauce and they will simmer for the rest of the day. Also have to look at a picture of the face make-up I need to do to go with my costume. Hopefully I can come somewhere close to doing this make-up. We shall see!

Well I have to get moving as we have to be at the groomers between 8 and 8:30 this morning. Hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday filled with Love.




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