Good morning! Hope everyone is doing well today.

Maintenance! Boy have we used that word a lot in the last few years but especially since we became Nomads. We do our best to maintain both of our rigs because the Kodiak is our home and the Ford 350 is our transportation. Without either of these being in tip-top shape we would not be able to travel or live a comfortable life. So to us maintaining both of these is a high priority. Well yesterday Norm took the F 350 in for some shimming we’ve been noticing that seemed to be getting worse. We had noticed it when we bought the truck and though they said they would fix it we now know they didn’t. We were so excited about being Blessed with this truck and at such a wonderful price that we forgot to take a final ride in her before we took possession. So if you’re buying a used vehicle please take it for another test drive before you take possession of it. Make sure they fixed what they said they would! Okay that being said we are now driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee for a few days as they replace the Gear Box, replace the front brakes(already done them on the back), wheel alignment and rotating the tires on our BAT Truck! So yes repairs can be costly but we feel it is better to maintain our rigs and keep them in top condition so we can keep enjoying our RV Lifestyle. 🙂

So when Norm got home we had to empty our waste tanks and so we had to pull the Barker tote to the dump station by hand as there isn’t a hitch on the Jeep! I imagine we were quite the site to see and most entertaining. Hey, we got the job done and I did get my house cleaning done too. A good day!!!

Today we are taking our son to lunch and then Lily to the Vet. So it will be a fun time and then a not so fun time for Lily. She has to get her yearly check-up and shots. Tomorrow is the groomers and she really  needs to go as she looks like a rag muffin. Tomorrow she will look like her adorable self again and she will her feisty self again.

Well I need to get moving and I am out of coffee. So a stop at the coffee pot is next on my to do list. Hope everyone has a Marvelous Tuesday filled with Hope and Love.



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