Make-Up Shopping Time!


Good Morning! Hope everyone is well this morning.

As promised here is a picture of the amazing Pumpkins Norm, Brad and Jon carved. Gavin and Ethan painted their pumpkins. Gavin put a face on his and Ethan’s was done in an abstract design. They had fun doing their pumpkins and then wanted to paint everyone else’s pumpkins too.

Sunday Stef and I went to Ulta after breakfast to replace some of my make-up. I found that my make-up was making my skin look really pale. Stef called it Ghosting Me. So we changed my base and concealer color. So my new Base is a Dual Finnish compact by Lancome. You can use this dry or wet. Depends on the look you want. I got mine in the 360 Honey and I really like the color. My new concealer is by NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop in the color Golden. Then I wanted a primer that was a cream kind so we went with NYX #No Filter Blurring Primer #Sans Filtre Base Perfectrice Estompante. I also picked up an eye liner and some lip products in several colors. Then I picked up some black fingernails to complete my Halloween Costume. We started at Denny’s for food and ended at Starbucks for a coffee pick-me-up. Then we headed back. A fun day for sure.

While I was gone Norm installed the new Scissor Jack and it sure looks good and works great. He had to use the FAN do to the pesky Mosquitoes!!! They make being outside difficult!

Today Norm is headed to Ford for our F350 to have some work done. Not sure just what or how much it will be. I on the other hand have Miss Lily duty and I am also going to clean the Kodiak. That is a never ending job. Busy day ahead of me.

Well I need to get moving. Hope everyone has a Magical Monday filled Wonderful Things.


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