Sea World: Why Are There Trees In The Water?


20191026_094333Good Morning! Hope this finds you doing well.

We made Sea World and we had a great time with our oldest daughter and her family. Of course the older girls were off riding the Big People rides while we headed to Sesame Street Land. On our way there we walked on this bridge where you can see the Christmas Trees  in the water and our Grandson ask me WHY are they out there. I told him they were decorations and you couldn’t put presents under them. He wasn’t that impressed with them then and especially when he saw the construction equipment they were using across the way. He loves that kind of stuff.  We had never been to the Sesame Street area before and we actually didn’t even know it was there. Norm looked it up and sure enough it’s been there since the 1980’s. Who knew! After lunch we paid a visit to the aquarium where our Grandson held my hand and told me all about the fishes and believe me that was the highlight of our Sea World visit for me.  Then after a visit to the Sting Rays we headed home and that’s when the rain started. It wasn’t to bad and it stopped long enough for us to park and get Miss Lily out and get back inside before it began again. 🙂

Later we headed out to pick up our son and then over to our younger daughters house for Pumpkin Carving. Picture of the Pumpkins tomorrow. We had a pleasant visit and some good looking pumpkins were carved.  We got to hang out with and hug and squeeze the grand boys and that is always a plus for me. So we left a little before 8 pm and took Jon home and then headed back to Miss Lily. When we got home we just collapsed for awhile. We were so tired. It had been a Fun, Full Day of Adventure and we were just reminded that we aren’t 40 years old any more!!!

Today is Norm putting on the Scissor Jack and me heading out to do some Ulta Beauty Shopping with our youngest daughter. So a semi busy day for us. Maybe some rest in there too and a campfire tonight. Yeah!!!!!

I need coffee so a trip to the coffee pot is in my near future. Hope all of you have a Blessed Sunday filled with Peace and Prosperity.



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