Hacked Again!


Good Morning! Hope this finds you well.

Yesterday we headed out for me to have my Mammogram and Bone Density tests done. Everything went well and I got in right on time. It was a great start to our busy Friday. We had to drop off a test I had to do and Quest will not let you mail it. A lot of the tests that were mailed when they got to the lab they were unable to use them. So now you have to drop them off. Believe me this can be very inconvenient. Especially when where you are camping is a hour and a half away from the nearest Quest. I ended up waiting to take care of this till I got to Orange City, Fl. So here I am waiting to drop it off since there is no drop box and you have to sign in and wait for someone to see you, when Norm comes in and asks me if I know what this charge is on our MC. It seems that our credit card company had caught 2 charges that didn’t seem right. They were correct.  One of them was an on-line shoe store and the other was a Korean Duty Free Store where you could order on-line and then pick it up at the Airport. We had never even heard of either company. Glad we have Fraud Protection on our Card! This is the 4th time this year that this has happened and it makes you rethink where you’ve been and what you’ve used your card for. We don’t carry much cash on us as we don’t feel safe doing so and now we are wary of using our credit card. You can go nuts trying to figure out where they got your information. So for the 5th time we are having new cards sent to us. What a mess as we do most of our bill paying on-line and this means that once again we have to contact these people and change everything. Okay rant over!

We are looking forward to our Sea World Adventure with our daughter Nikki and her family today. So I need to get moving as we are supposed to be there by Nine and I still have my make-up to do and  Lily needs her walk. It’s Halloween Time at Sea World and we always have a good time there. Looking forward to seeing the kids, grandkids and some of the shows. When we get back from there we are picking up our son and going to our daughter Steph’s for Pumpkin Carving Night. Should be a fun filled day!!!

Hope everyone has a Special Saturday filled with Love and Laughter.


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  1. Hope to see all of the pumpkins that you all have craved?


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